Mumbai Police: The T‘wit’ter genius

Mumbai Police have blended very well with the social media trend and Twitter is one of the platforms Mumbai Police has been extremely responsive on. Recently, they tweeted about road safety using a Mission Impossible clip

Mumbai Police: The T‘wit’ter genius

When it comes to tweets, Mumbai Police (MP) is quirky and manages to convey its messages with precision. MP has been constantly emphasising on Road Safety and Traffic rules and recently took to Twitter to signify how serious the police is when it comes to traffic rules. The MP Twitter handle posted a short video clip of Tom Cruise’s recent flick, 'Mission Impossible: Fallout'.

The video is an excerpt from the film which shows Tom Cruise riding a bike at high speed when suddenly he loses control of his bike after crashing into a car. Mumbai Police in reference to the video said, “Not an impossible mission for us to penalise you if you are spotted trying these stunts on the roads of Mumbai! That’s the job. No hard feelings.”

Here’s the tweet:

This isn’t the first time Mumbai Police has humorously slipped an important message. Here are some of their previous tweets:

Advising people to fight fake forwards:

When they absolutely nailed it with a Godfather reference and spread awareness simultaneously:

Their way of asking, “How you doin’?”:

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