Cyber crime cells to be set up at police stations across the city

Cyber Crime Detection and Preventive Unit will help in dealing with the growing threat of crime which takes place through the web

Cyber crime cells to be set up at police stations across the city

The number of cyber crime cases have increased manifold in the city and it is only going to increase with the fast growth of technology and with advancing equipment. To tackle these problems related to cyber crime, the police department is heading in a particular direction. 

The cyber cell police have launched a separate Cyber Crime Detection and Preventive Unit on Monday across all police stations in the city.

At the cyber crime detection and preventive cell, a police inspector, two sub-inspectors, and an officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police will be supervising the complaints registered at every police station.

Training officials from this cell began on Monday, December 4, 2017, and for the next five days, training procedures will continue. Training will be conducted at five locations in Mumbai.

The police inspectors, sub-inspectors and the Deputy Commissioners of Police will be trained in operating a special software and cyber applications to detect cyber crimes.

The names and mobile phone numbers of the concerned officers will also be put up across all the police stations. The citizens can also approach the police on the cyber helpline number 9820810007.

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