Two boys bludgeon their friend with stone

    Mumbai  -  

    On Monday morning, two youngsters killed 20 year old friend by smashing his head with stone at Nalasopara’s Shirdi Nagar. 

    According to the police, 20 year old victim, Sanjay Kadam used to work in a dance academy. On Sunday around 2 am, he and his other two friends, 20 year old Sanjay Bhise and 27 year old Samrat Pawaskar went on the terrace to enjoy drinks. Around 6 am, all three went out to eat paan at a nearby paan stall. While they were talking, Kadam spoke ill about Bhise’s wife and the latter got angry. Bhise and Pawaskar then started hitting Kadam with a stone. They did not stop until he stopped moving. Police have arrested the accused under section 302 and 34 of IPC.

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