Public celebrations for Dahi Handi will not be allowed this year

The decision was taken by the state government keeping the predicted COVID-19 third wave in mind. Citizens have been appealed to celebrate Janmashtami in a simple manner with family and friends.

Public celebrations for Dahi Handi will not be allowed this year

Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have reduced significantly in the city of Mumbai, however, the public celebrations of Dahi Handi will not be allowed once again this year. This is the second consecutive year when the government has taken a decision keeping the COVID pandemic in mind. Several opposition leaders have expressed their displeasure over the same and have slammed the government, however, officials from the ruling party have said that the decision has been taken keeping the safety aspects in mind. 

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Monday, August 23, 2021, met with the officials from the concerned Dahi Handi committee and the task force to understand the possibilities of conducting the festivities. However, he said that the public activities cannot be conducted this year keeping the predicted third COVID wave in mind. Moreover, if the number of cases increase this year, the government will have to take strict decisions. Experts have informed that the number of ICU beds will have to be increased once again and the civic body will have to once again battle the COVID-19 pandemic thereby keep people out of danger. 

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As of now, the demand for oxygen would also increase across the city and nearby districts if the cases increase due to the festivities. Though the spread of COVID-19 has been contained currently, the government has to take precautions keeping the third wave in mind. Citizens have also been asked to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines at all times. Meanwhile, necessary healthcare facilities are being improved to ensure the risk of Delta Plus variant is also contained.

The government has appealed to the citizens to celebrate the festival in a simple manner, with the families and friends, at the houses or premises, thereby support and cooperate with the government in these tough times. Meanwhile, Sitaram Kunte added that certain restrictions have been given to ensure people resume their daily activities which eventually helps the economy. However, the first priority of the government's first priority is to save lives of the citizens during the pandemic. Most participants in the Dahi Handi celebrations are under the age of 35, where a large number of young citizens have not been vaccinated with both the doses. Adding more information, Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said that this could increase the risk during the festivities if the crowd gathers during the Dahi Handi. Considering all the safety factors, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has cancelled all public events for Dahi Handi this year. 

Furthermore, Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale expressed the need to celebrate all the festivals in a similar manner. Officials further added that the associations can do the same by conducting blood donation camps, supplying medicines, spreading awareness about safety during COVID pandemic, etc. 

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A few weeks back, the state government also released the guidelines for Ganeshotsav 2021, whereby the public events this year have to be celebrated in a simple manner, in a similar fashion as 2020. Idols cannot be more than four feet tall at the public pandals organised by the associations. Whereas, all Ganpati idols will have to be only two feet tall (or less) for domestic celebrations. 

Artificial immersion tanks will be made for the visarjan of the idols and strict guidelines will be imposed to ensure no crowding or public celebrations are allowed during the 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

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