After Ashram, this is what Prakash Jha is doing next

After Ashram, this is what Prakash Jha is doing next

Ashram web series starring Bobby Deol in the lead has been garnering a lot of appreciation. The show is streaming on Mx Player and consists of two chapters of nine episodes each. While people are looking forward to another season of Ashram, the producer and director of the series, Prakash Jha, is gearing for another series. 

The show in question is titled Matto ki cycle and will be narrating a unique story of life in the streets of a village in Mathura.  A life where there are breaths, but every moment asks for the price of life with their complicated life.

Matto is a simpleton but does not like to kneel in front of the situation, has a fresh high, who stands like a rock in front of the bicycle.  Where there is a special story of a bicycle and a common man who will remind you of life and the struggle to survive.

For the first time, Prakash Jha is seen in a title and powerful character in the movie Matto and the movie was shown in the recently held Busan International Film Festival.

 About his experience working in Matto ki cycle, Prakash Jha says - "I could see the layers in this simple story of a man and his bicycle, where an expressway is built, but life under that expressway is a  The snail moves at a pace. Where people look for small things to be happy - where there is no revolution, no movement in their life. I thought this film should be made ".

M Ghani who is a resident of Mathura and also director narrates his father's story in this 92-minute feature film.  

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