Gandii Baat actress Gehana Vasisth suffers cardiac arrest

The actress from AltBalaji's show Gandii Baat is said to be in a critical condition. She fell unconscious during the shoot and has been put on ventilator and other life-saving equipment.


Television actress and model Gehana Vasisth who was seen in shows like AltBalaji's Gandii Baat and some on Ullu app, has been admitted to hospital as suffered a cardiac arrest. Doctors said that incident happened due to long working shift as she was working without taking proper nutrition. She was admitted on Thursday and is said to be in an "extremely critical" condition. Currently, she has been put on ventilator and other life-saving equipment.

Hospital sources have also mentioned that the cardiac arrest was due to a severe stroke and very low blood pressure. It The incident might have happened due to an adverse reaction between prescription drugs and certain energy drinks consumed by her, say doctors.

Gehana became unconscious during the shoot on Thursday afternoon and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She was brought in with no pulse and extremely low blood pressure, and was given electric shock treatment. Dr. Pranav Kabra further revealed that it took two hours to revive her pulse.

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