Hooq to stream new seasons of popular shows 'Krypton' and 'Younger'

The new episodes of Krypton (Season 2) and Younger (Season 6) will stream every Thursday on the VOD platform


Southeast Asia's popular Video-on-Demand service (VOD), HOOQ is all set to launch the next seasons of the two shows Krypton and Younger.

In a recently released statement, the team announced the second season of Krypton titled ‘Light years from Home’ which is expected to be thrilling than the Superman prequel. The fight to save Superman’s home planet continues when Krypton returns. The first season of Krypton, led by showrunner Cameron Welsh, did an admirable job of combining political intrigue with sci-fi and time-travel tropes. Season 1 ended on a particularly dramatic note, with Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) saving Krypton by trapping himself and Brainiac in the Phantom Zone, a prison outside time and space. The fascinating story is likely to continue and keep one gripped.  This season hopes to maintain the legacy and stand true to the expectations set in Season 1.

On the other hand, Younger Season 6 will offer a lot more than the previous five seasons. Younger is a romantic-comedy celebrating female friendships and millennial empowerment. The first 5 seasons showcased the lead characters navigating relationships in a distinct manner. The previous season ended with Zane Anders played by Charles Michael Davis stepping down from his post and Kelsey Peters played by Hilary Duff taking over. In Season 6, Younger remains a fizzy New York fantasy that’s light without sacrificing its intelligence. The cast lives up to its charm and totally in control of the show’s snarky-to-poignant tonal shifts.

Krypton Season 2 and Younger Season 6 stream on HOOQ and the new episodes of both the shows will be released every Thursday.

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