Review: Yours Truly is warm and emotional

Written and directed by Sanjoy Nag, ZEE5's Yours Truly stars Soni Razdan in the lead role, and revolves around the life of a woman who is lonely and in search of love.

  • Review: Yours Truly is warm and emotional
  • Review: Yours Truly is warm and emotional

The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved - Mother Teresa

These lines said by Mother Teresa are very true to the lives many of us live and observe. Several people across the country live a lonely life and have a continuous quest of finding someone to share their stories and happiness with. Seldom have filmmakers dealt with this subject which revolved around the lives of women or men, after a certain age. Writer and director Sanjoy Nag's film, Yours Truly, which one can watch now on ZEE5, shares the pain and agony of Mithi Kumar, who represents many lone women, living their lives beaming with the hope of finding the much-needed-partner for life.

For several years, 50+ year old, Mithi Kumar (Soni Razdan) has been accustomed to living her life one day at a time. Her day is occupied at a not-so-interesting job, which she will soon retire from, thereby bringing her mechanical life to an end. The only people she ever gets to share her happy moments are her neighbour's daughter, colleague, and sometimes her sister. But, for eight continuous years, she has only made a soulful connection with the voice of a railway announcer. She receives the replies for her letters through an announcement and she desperately wants this cycle to end, by meeting him, and getting to know in person. She cherishes this weirdly beautiful connection that has lasted religiously for many years now when she boards a train to work. Her only non-interesting interactions in life are otherwise with the shrewd minded male colleagues, her tenant (Pankaj Tripathi) who attempts to talk to her, despite her cold reactions. Her days brighten up only when she meets her younger sister Lali (Aahana Kumra), with who she lives her life to the best, without any apprehensions, fear or boundaries.

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The life Mithi lives in the movie can be observed quite regularly across the world. Look closely and you may find someone in the near circle or vicinity, who experiences the same. But amid our busy lives, we blind ourselves, thereby keeping our connection with the person, for limited reasons. Sanjoy Nag, in Yours Truly, attempts to show the same in the story through different scenes, where some characters are only present for moments. The beautiful side of the story begins when her interaction with her sister comes across with a stark difference. Both of them have different, yet limited interests, which distinctively contrast each other’s lives, yet they share a special bond. 

Based on Annie Zaidi’s short story ‘The One That Was Announced,’ Sanjoy's film, Yours Truly, strives to show the hollow life of our modern times, something the protagonist Mithi has been continuously trying to change. The characters in the story and the metaphorical language and scenes used will make the audience ponder about various themes with loneliness being the most prominent. Thanks to the liking towards the announcer's voice, the audience will want to explore the announcer's identity, intention, and the relationship both Mithi and he is trying to develop, over the years. The most interesting aspect of the film is the hypothetical relationship she lives with on a regular basis, adds strong value to the story.

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Soni Razdan effortlessly plays Mithi and does complete justice to the character. She attempts to add a soul to Mithi, with poise, thereby making one realise the pain and emptiness, such people live with, daily. Pankaj and Aahana's characters bring in a fun vibe to the emotional film, thereby making it light-hearted. Mahesh Bhatt's cameo in the film doesn't last long but helps the film close the film without feeling abrupt.

To sum it up, Sanjoy succeeds in keeping the audience invested in Mithi and the life that revolves around her. Yours Truly is a film which will make you wonder about the lives of such people, thereby stir your emotions.
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