The Lockdown Diary: Shreya Gupta

Digital star and actor Shreya Gupta has been known for her roles in several short films and web shows. Her recent work titled 'Love Ki Expiry Date' with Archak Chhabra, was released on Zoom Studios' channel.

The Lockdown Diary: Shreya Gupta

Describe your 'lockdown' period in just 'one' word...


What do you enjoy the most about this period - something you will cherish the most!

Family's teamwork in such a crucial time, and helping each other as much as possible. I've been blessed with opportunities to work/shoot from home & my family's efforts of helping me out are something I'll always cherish. 

What new hobbies have you started in this period?

  • Yoga
  • Painting
  • Practising patience. 

Three films/web series/content pieces you've loved watching?

  • Hollywood 
  • Upload 
  • Rewatched Dictator & again fell in love

What do you miss eating or drinking the most?

Nothing. I'm blessed to get home food every day and nothing can beat 'ghar ka khaana.' My mother has been experimenting new recipes and I'm thoroughly enjoying her process.

Three friends you miss spending time with...

Most special ones are locked down with me. I miss no one (and oh, I just realized that)

What's the one skill you did not know you had?

Sense of framing. During this lockdown, I had to set frames for myself for all my work. And I enjoyed it. I love to make my frames/scenes look lovely.

Three places you'll rush to, right after the lockdown is over...

Nowhere. I would rush anywhere immediately since I'm sh*t scared of the coronavirus. But once Mumbai or other cities are out of danger, then

  • I'm party for sure
  • Hit the beach 
  • Head to marine drive via the sea link (I love the view & feel of the road) 

What is the most annoying thing you've observed during this period?

My temper, It's like I'm working on it, but seriously miles to go.

What has the lockdown helped you change or realise - emotionally or mentally?

Lockdown has made me realise how privileged & blessed I'm.  How humanity, love & kindness are all needed for people to sail through this catastrophe. Mentally I've started accepting and being grateful for what I've. 

Amidst the lockdown, Shreya Gupta has been a part of many 'shoot at home' projects which were released on YouTube and other platforms. Her recent work titled 'Love Ki Expiry Date' with Archak Chhabra, was released on Zoom Studios' channel.