Trailer: MX Player's Wishlist starring Hina Khan

Director: Rahat Kazmi | Cast: Hina Khan, Jitendra Rai and Francois D’Artemare | Release Date: December 11, 2020


Lucky are those who get to live their dream and, in this race called life, there are only a few of us who actually enjoy living in the present. Somewhere between adulting and facing reality, we leave behind our dreams and runtowards securing a safe and happy future, often missing out on the small joys that the present can offer. But the real question is - is it worth it?What happens when forgotten dreams are brought to life by a ‘Wishlist’, explores this exhilarating movie that is directed by Rahat Kazmi and stars Hina Khan, Jitendra Rai and Francois D’Artemare in key roles.

Shalini (Hina Khan) and Mohit (Jitendra Rai) are like every other couple; immersed in their work and spending long hours at their offices in the hope of having a brighter future but forgetting what it is to live for the moment and to enjoy each other’s company.Their love story is dealt a tough hand by fate and when struck by a heart-breaking news, Mohit and Shalini are brought together by their long-lost ‘Wishlist’ of forgotten dreams – which they finally decide to live. The film goes live on 11th December on MX Player and can be streamed for FREE.

Talking more about the film, Hina Khan says, “This film is very special to me; I can positively say that it has made me retrospect and reconsider my choices in life. One of the biggest takeaways for me while playing Shalini was that the best-laid plans can go astray, sometimes – it’s about simply going with the flow and believing that things will right themselves.  I’m sure it’s something that will bring a smile to people’s faces but at the same time leave an aching pain in their hearts.”

Director Rahat Kazmi shared saying, “It has been a great experience working with Hina and the team of ‘Wishlist’. We’ve all, at some point, given up on our dreams or desires for other commitments and through this film, all we want to tell everyone is that it’s never too late to find happiness – it’s about believing in the individualistic meaning of life and coming to terms with it.”

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