The Viral Fever ventures into non-fiction shows with 'The Royal Palate' in association with Behrouz Biriyani

The Royal Palate, the show is based on a royal journey across the country with Chef Kunal Kapur, as he visits the royal kitchens from the palaces of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and many more


Almost everyone in the world is fascinated by the way the royals live their lives, and if given a chance, one would definitely want an option to peep into their lives and be a part of it, at least for few hours. Royalty has its own magic and power, which attracts everybody, be it their way of conducting, food, lifestyle, etc. Keeping this in mind, the team at The Viral Fever (TVF), decided to launch their first non-fiction show, based on the subjects we love- Royalty and food.

Titled, The Royal Palate, the show is based on a royal journey across the country with Chef Kunal Kapur, as he visits the royal kitchen from Rajasthan, UP, MP, Kerala and many more, cooking up a storm while being privy to anecdotes from members the respective families. Besides Kunal, the series, which is produced in association with Behrouz Biriyani, will also feature influencers and celebs like CHef Sara Rodd, Melvin Louis, Barkha Singh, Kunwar Kumar, and many others. 

Talking about the same, Rahul Sarangi, Head of non-fiction shows at TVF said, "We realise it's a great time for us into non-fiction. Food is a core part of our Indian culture. Behrouz has brought the royalty part of the show and the content is made by TVF, and this show offers a lot to the viewers."

Sharing his experience about the show and the journey, Chef Kunal added, "The journey has been fantastic, and now we are at a stage when people want to explore the stories about the food, especially when it comes from the Royal Kitchen. For ages, there has been prosperity in arts and it gets its due. When the art of food becomes prosperous, it teaches us something new about the culture, traditions and the recipes that have been passed as a lineage from the royals to the common people. We discovered that throughout the royalty that one point of time there was no difference between a chef and doctor. The vaids usually to suggest food who used to suggest the medicines based on body types and problems. Cuisines in the royal kitchens were made basis that, and we discovered why we are used to using such ingredients on an everyday basis. The Royal Palate is entertainment for your brain."

Talking about the association, Sagar Kochhar, CMO at Rebel Food, said, "We wanted to get into the food people love, be it from any region. We wanted to get back the origin of the cuisine. We have been passionate about Biryani and wanted to make content around it, as a part of our strategy. With this show, we wanted to the rare to find Biriyani recipes and we hope the audience loves it, and has mouth-watering experience viewing the show."

Besides the show, TVF has also curated the coffee table book, which talks about the cuisine, culture and a lot more from the journey Kunal and the team has been through, during the show. The Royal Palate is streaming on TVFPlay and The Timeliners.

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