Seher made me a mother: Dia Mirza

ZEE5’s Kaafir has garnered impressive reviews for a bold yet emotionally strong storyline. Starring Dia Mirza, Mohit Raina and Dishita Jain, the show focuses on how people of both the nations are unfortunately torn apart on humanitarian grounds.

Seher made me a mother: Dia Mirza

The Indian OTT space is reaching newer heights every day, as aspiring filmmakers and content creators have got a new medium to shine and tell their stories, without any apprehension or censor issues. Content on the web is pure and conveys the clear message, writers and directors want to share through their piece of work, be it a film, web series or short films. One of the key players in this market is ZEE5, which has promised to release around 72 new shows by 2020 and is delivering the same at an incredible pace.

The platform recently released one of its highly anticipated shows, Kaafir, which has made a mark with the audience for several reasons. Ever since the release of the trailer, Kaafir has garnered appreciation for its unique storyline, stellar cast and the high-quality production value. 

The eight-episode show directed by Sonam Nair and written by Bhavani Iyer marks the digital debut of Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina. This intense drama is a story of struggle, existence and unrequited love set on the borders of our country. Kaafir revolves around the journey of a young Pakistani woman, Kainaaz Akhtar, who is accused as a militant, for reaching the Indian border, unfortunately through a series of strange events. During her due-course, she comes across a Journalist cum lawyer, Vedant Rathod, who wishes to help. What unfolds next are incidents where we get to see if her plea is heard, if she gets sent back her country along with her beloved daughter, Seher.

Besides the interesting storyline, the storytelling of Kaafir gets strong, mainly due to the chemistry, the characters develop. The show has many truly remarkable scenes – somewhere the mother struggles and tries her best to get out of the situation and somewhere the innocence of Seher shows through the love for her India. The relationship between the three pivotal characters of the show, keeps the audience intrigued, both with suspense and emotions.

Makers of the show have ensured that the characters are strong individually. What Vedant and Kainaaz have developed onscreen, makes the audience emotional. Vedant’s tough nature as a journalist and lawyer is tested at every moment with the intensity of the case he fights. On the other hand, Kainaaz lives with turmoil within, only to ensure that it doesn’t invite more trouble, especially for Seher’s life. Both the established actors portray their persuasive characters with strength, yet gently human. While the words in Kaafir mean a lot, all the three actors, convey their own stories and struggles through eyes and emotions. 

In an event held before the release, Dia Mirza and the team of Kaafir addressed the media and answered several questions about Kaafir. On being asked by Mumbai Live, about her experience of working with Dishita, she emotionally said, “It is important to acknowledge this magical child, Dishita Jain. Dishita who plays Seher in Kaafir made me a mother. I don’t believe one needs to biologically produce the child to become a mother. Dishita has the incredible ability to capture one’s heart and spirit. She is blessed with emotional intelligence, which many think is rare in children. But I believe that all children are blessed with this. In fact, it takes for their parents to allow them to be, who they are. Her mother (Jigna) is an extraordinary woman who is raising an extraordinary child. Dishita understood everything, and the one thing we made sure we told each other before every shot was that Seher will take care of Ammi, and that’s what she did, in every moment, every scene – take care of her mother.”

Addressing the important subject of humanity, Kaafir beautifully focuses on the inter-state rivalries, both the nations live with, thereby dividing us as people, even more. The show with its incredible writing only addresses the challenges we face, shedding light on the sentiment that has dominates the news debates and conversations for many years now. 

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