Engineering students to get a break between exams

The decision taken to reduce the number of holidays during engineering exams has been retracted. The exams will now be held according to the old schedule


After protests from students regarding only one holiday between the first two engineering exams, the Education Department declared that decision to provide only one holiday has been taken back and the students will receive three to four holidays. The decision is said to help the students get more time to prepare for the papers. 

Mumbai University released a new circular stating that the decision to decrease the vacancy between two exams and the tests will be conducted as per the old schedule.

The All India Technical Education Committee had created regulations for internships for the engineering students. As per the meeting held for the same, the professors had decided to reduce the holiday time between two exams to provide the students with enough time for their internships.

However, the decision was challenged by the students who protested against the same. After which, the officials decided to apply the regulations from the upcoming academic year.

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