BMC Education department orders compulsory fire audit of school buildings

In a circular that was released about the same, it was clarified that if any unfateful incident takes place on school premises, BMC will not be responsible if there's no compliance


Soon, fire audits will be conducted in school buildings for fire prevention. BMC’s Education Department ordered a fire audit to ensure safety in schools. 

Schools have also been asked to conduct mock drills to prepare if any emergency situation occurs. 

Fire audit is mandatory in all the schools of Maharashtra as per the state government's decision. The training for the same was also given to the schools on April 23 and June 28. BMC’s education department has ordered the schools to conduct mock drills for students and submit the report in the BMC education office.

Mumbai Headmasters’ Association President Prashant Reddy, on the other hand, said that fire audit by private companies costs thousands of rupees. So he requested that the fire audits for private schools should be conducted by Mumbai Fire Brigade if the fire audit of Municipal schools would also be conducted by Mumbai Fire Brigade.

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