State Education Department launches ‘Raksha Abhiyan’ for school students

The ‘Raksha Abhiyan’ initiative was launched by state education department along with MSCPCR to teach the school students methods of self-defense and educate them about sexual abuse.


Education is an important aspect of every student’s life as it nurtures and builds their future. Likewise, the children are sent to school so that they can receive suitable education. However, when the young ones are scarred during the phase, it tends to leave a permanent impact on their minds. 

In light to recent incidents of sexual abuse against children at schools, the Maharashtra State Education Department launched an initiative, ‘Raksha Abhiyan’ to teach the school students methods of self-defense and educate them about sexual abuse.

An initiative by the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MSCPCR) along with State Education Department, Education Minister Vinod Tawde inaugurated ‘Raksha Abhiyan’. As per the soon-to-be-implemented initiative, the education department has mandated the attendance of the school students three times a day.

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Accordingly, students' safety will be complete responsibility of the school authorities as long as the student is within the school premises and so, the school must ensure that the entry of an unauthorised individual must not be accepted. Alongside, the school authorities must ensure that as long as the last girl student is dropped at her home by the school bus, a female attendant must be present in the bus.


More importantly, the education department has laid emphasis on the fact that the restrooms for boys and girls must be at a considerate distance from the other. In order to ease the process of raising voice against sexual abuse, the state education department, under Protection Of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act, POCSO e-Box and CHIRAG application has been made available in every school in Maharashtra.

Besides, notification boxes have been made mandatory in schools to educate students about sexual abuse and installation of CCTV cameras has also been made compulsory. 

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