Enough is enough, says parents

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    Mumbai- Now parents will come forward against the irregular hike in school fees along with Forum for Fairness Education (FFE) NGO. According to the latter, 95% to 98% schools hike their fees and do it every year. “School can hike their school fees by 15% but many schools hike their fees by 50%. Many parents have registered their complaints with fee regulation committee but to no avail. Now parents are done with the harassing and have decided to give it back,” said Jayant Jain, founder, Forum for Fairness in Education.

    Jain added that very soon parents and FFE will come together and will carry out the signature campaign and will protest too. “Many schools have no affiliation of the international board but still they fake it and rake money from parents in the form of books or activities,” said Jain.
    Almost 1,500 parents will raise their voice against the hike in school fees. They are also preparing to do fast unto death.

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