State Education Department Clarifies Reduction Of Syllabus For History And Sociology

The Education Department has explained that the questions on the parts that are given for self-study will not be asked in the exams.

State Education Department Clarifies Reduction Of Syllabus For History And Sociology

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the academic year has not started yet this year as per the prevailing norms. The State Government had recently decided to reduce the syllabus by 25 per cent from Class 1 to 12, so as not to cause any educational loss to the students during these uncertain times. 

However, the State Education Department has now said that some newspapers have published misleading and confusing articles regarding the subjects of Sociology and History. To clear the misunderstanding, the department has revealed the syllabus cut for these subjects in detail. It has been clarified that all the chapters excluded from the subjects for self-study will not be asked in exams.


The portion related to 'Farmers' Suicide' in chapter 6 of the Sociology textbook has only been omitted for the academic year 2020-21. This decision has been made because the Problems of The Rural Community (Chapter 2) of the book already covers the issue. Therefore, the Education Department said that it would not be fair to say that the lesson has been completely omitted.

History and Political Science

The State Education Department explained that three out of the 13 chapters in the syllabus for History & Political Science have been reduced for Class 10. This includes two chapters in history and one in political science. Students can get to know the content in these omitted chapters through self-study and extra reading. According to the Education Department, these reductions are not permanent. These chapter or portions of the chapters are only omitted for the academic year of 2020-21. 

The portion regarding the study of the Indian Constitution, the electoral process, political parties, social and political movements are included in the curriculum of the Political Science for Class 10. These important issues have not been omitted from the syllabus. However, the last chapter which emphasizes on the challenges of the Indian democracy has been given to the students for self-study. 

Since the subjects of Political Science and Civics inculcate democratic values, there was no specific reason to reduce this specific part. But given the current situation, the curriculum for each subject has to be reduced. The Education Department has said that the necessary syllabus that has been reduced can easily be self-studied by the students. 

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