Medical interns to go on an indefinite strike on June 13

They demand a hike in their stipend of ₹11,000, which is offered to students in other states, but not in Maharashtra.

Medical interns to go on an indefinite strike on June 13

Recently, doctors in the state have called for a security check. Medical students in Maharashtra get a lesser stipend as compared to other states. Therefore, these students in the state are going on an indefinite strike on June 13 to demand a hike in their stipend.

In medical education, the students are mandated to have at least one-semester internship for which they’re paid ₹11,000 as a stipend. While students in other states are paid more than the amount paid in Maharashtra, the medical interns in Maharashtra feel that their stipend is inadequate.

The medical and dental colleges had demonstrated for a stipend rise on April 26. The government conveniently overlooked the protest and did not take any steps to meet their demands. On July 15, 2015, Dr. Darshan Kalal, president, ASMI, said that the Director of Medical Education and Research had earlier decided to raise the stipend amount, but this has never been implemented.

Further, the students said if their demand is not met until June 12, they will go on the indefinite strike as planned.

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