Under much scrutiny, MU declares commerce results

Under much scrutiny, MU declares commerce results

Mumbai University has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism and rightly so, as they’ve missed deadlines and left students’ future in the air. But to look at some positives, they’ve declared results of the Commerce faculty on Sunday.

They declared 66,000 results but they still have 1,81,496 to go. MU has declared results for TYBSem 5 and 6.

Sem 5 averages 60.92 per cent whereas Sem 6 averages 65.56. So far, results for 432 courses have been declared by the University.

Majority of the pending results are from the commerce faculty and barring Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL), 41,105 answer sheets are yet to be assessed. 58,000 IDOL answer sheets are also hanging in the air.

And now there’s another reason for the delay of result declaration as its Ganesh Chaturthi time. On Sunday, only 83 professors were available who assessed 4,345 answer sheets.

Just hope the answer sheets are being assessed genuinely and not in a rush as MU is way past their result declaration limit.