Mumbai University bags ₹4.83 crore from paper re-evaluation

Even after three months of applying for re-evaluation, 28,000 students are still awaiting their results

Mumbai University bags ₹4.83 crore from paper re-evaluation

The Mumbai University has earned ₹4,83,00,000 in the last academic year from students who applied for re-evaluation of answer papers. The university collected ₹15.32 additionally from students who wanted photocopies of their answer sheets.

A Right To Information (RTI) application filed by Vihar Durve, an RTI activist, revealed the shocking figures who said that the university is yet to share the details about the number of students who passed in a subject after revaluation.

Earlier in 2015, a similar RTI filed by Durve showed that the university had made ₹8 crores through re-evaluation and photocopies of the answer booklets in three years. According to the data, almost 30 per cent students had been wrongly marked, failed in their exams and managed to pass in the subject after revaluation. 

The charges for re-evaluation and photocopy have been raised to ₹250 and ₹50 respectively from the academic year 2017-2018. On-Screen marking system (OSM) was also introduced this year and the rates were supposed to be cut half the original. The Public Relations Officer of Mumbai University, Vinod Malale says that the figures in the RTI do not include the applications received by the university based on the OSM. The OSM method of assessment also led to a fiasco in May 2017, as the results of the students were delayed by six months.

The MU received around 60,000 applications for a re-evaluation of select subjects, of which, results of close to 28,000 applications are still pending.

The delay in announcing results of re-evaluation defeats the entire purpose of having an advanced assessment system. With OSM in place, Mumbai University must announce the results within a month. Even after three months of applying for re-evaluation, the students are still awaiting their results.