Right to Education! Where?

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    Vikhroli - These are the students of Kotwal High School in Vikhroli. Now, you may think why they are sitting on the ground instead of a class. This is because of an illegal rule issued by the school administration. These students are made to sit on the ground if they do not pay the fees within 15 days. 

    This is not the first time such an incident happened in this school. Earlier also, such punishments were given to the students though the school does not provide basic facilities to students. The school building is in a dilapidated condition. Parents of these students have asked why they should pay the fees if their wards do not get the basic facilities here. Headmaster Ramesh Ujjainkar was reluctant to speak in front of the camera but education experts say that school cannot do such things.
    The parents of these students have decided to knock on the door of Child Rights Commission against the school. It is really serious that schools are resorting to such tactics by snatching children’s right to learn and the government trying to implement the Right To Education Act.

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