Child of a Single Parent Denied Admission in Vashi's St. Lawrence School

In the video which went viral on Social Media, the principal of the show is saying that they denied the admission stating that it is 'difficult to handle' such kids.


Vashi's St. Lawrence School has denied admission to a student in Class 2, as he is being raised by a single parent. The video of the conversation between the parent and principal went viral on social media. 

The principal could be seen saying that they denied the admission as its 'difficult to handle' such kids. The parent further said that she is capable of paying all the fees and they cannot do this as she has cancelled the admission from the previous school.

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The parent had approached St. Lawrence last month, and when she disclosed that she was a single parent the authorities said that the admissions are closed. She was sure that admissions were open and therefore later posed as another parent. She recorded the conversation and shared it on social media sites. 

She even forwarded the video to the school authorities. As stated in The Times of India, the school spokesperson said that they do not discriminate between any student under any criteria. Appropriate action will be taken and the issue will be resolved soon.  

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