J.J. College medical students protest against 'no short skirts' diktat

The J.J. College authorities have asked female students to not wear short skirts, to return to the hostel before 10:00 pm and to not sit next to their male counterparts during events which has resulted in this rage.

J.J. College medical students protest against 'no short skirts' diktat

J.J. Hospital's Grant Medical College's female medical students protested against an attempt to moral policing by the authorities by asking them not to sit beside their male counterparts and to not wear 'short skirts'.  Following a holi celebration event at the campus which witnessed unruly and ruckus behaviour by some students, the authorities came up with these instructions.

To show their resentment towards the circular from authorities, protesting female students on Sunday wore ankle-length clothes and covered their faces. The college administration shared two posts of detailed instructions on Facebook and Whatsapp groups of hostel inmates. A protesting student said that the posts are said to be issued by Dean Dr. Ajay Chandanwale and Warden Shilpa Patil.

Along with laying down that female students must not wear short skirts and should sit separately during a college event, they also instructed the girls to return to their hostels before 10:00 pm. She further said that they condemn this decision of the college administration as it unnecessarily encroaches on their right to dress the way they want.

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As stated in Times Of India, The second instruction, she further said was about an annual college event 'Astitva' which was held recently where male and female students were asked to sit separately. It was a futile and illogical decision as there are many male and female students who are great friends and would want to sit together. It is absurd on the part of the authorities to come up with such a diktat.

When contacted, Dean Dr. Chandanwale said that the expectation from female students is that they dress appropriately. This alone was his message to the students and there was some ruckus during Holi celebrations, so they decided to take strict measures. If there is any grudge or objection from students, the authorities will hear them out and take appropriate remedial steps.

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