Teachers on an indefinite hunger strike at Azad Maidan after government fails to fulfill demands

After the state government failed repeatedly to fulfill the demands of the teachers and accordingly, the Maharashtra Rajya Kayam Vina Anudanit Shala Kruti Samiti (MRKVASKS) have decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike


After the demands of teachers across the state went unheard, the Maharashtra Rajya Kayam Vina Anudanit Shala Kruti Samiti (MRKVASKS) have decided to go on an indefinite hunger strike. Their major issue is that the Chief Minister hasn’t met with them and heard their demands and therefore, the teachers are unsatisfied with the behaviour of the authorities. Thus, the teachers and headmasters from various educational institutes will sit on an indefinite fast. 

The Shala Kruti Samiti has been protesting in order to fulfill the prime demand to provide the primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools with a grant and dismiss the September 19, 2016 government decision. The protest has been staged at Azad Maidan which will witness the involvement of teachers from all over the state.

The protestors have complained that it is pathetic how the state ministers and the Chief Minister cannot allot time to the education for almost a week. Last Monday, the Education Minister had assured the delegation that he will hold a meeting under the chairmanship of Chief Minister on Thursday.

However, the minister later called the delegation at the State Legislative Assembly and told them that meeting had been postponed to Monday afternoon. But soon, the meeting on Monday was postponed to Tuesday due to which the teachers have been under a sense of doubt.

Accordingly, since the last Monday, the Unaided schools across the state have been closed. Due to which, the aided schools, their teachers and principals have come in support of the protestors and have decided to protest against the government.

Thus, the teachers from all over the state along with the authorities from various educational institutes have gone on an indefinite hunger strike, November 27 onwards at Azad Maidan.

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