Kids Weighed Down By School Bags? Here's What The TMC Has Proposed As A Solution

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has proposed that kids will carry only one book which will have the content of all the subjects for that particular month.

Kids Weighed Down By School Bags? Here's What The TMC Has Proposed As A Solution

Its a common sight to see the kids burdened with not only studies but also with the weight of their bags. In these developing years for the kids, heavy bags can have a grave impact on their posture. However, its time to lighten up with the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) proposing a move which could reduce the weight of school bags considerably. 

TMC has proposed that children should carry only one book which will contain the content of all subjects that will be taught in the particular month by the teacher. This move has been proposed by the Education Department of TMC. The plan is for students from standard 1 to 8 and the monthly portion for all subjects will be combined in a book which will cost ₹72 for binding. 

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There have been many attempts in the past to reduce the bag-burden. For example, Canossa school in Mahim had excluded notebooks and the kids only had to carry their textbook to school. Children were supposed to write the question answers on full scape sheets and later file it according to the subject. Therefore the bag only contained textbooks and 10-12 full scape sheets which could act as notebooks. In private schools like HVB Academy in Marine Lines and Sharda School in Grant Road, students are provided with lockers where they can keep their books. Further, there are 'no bag' days celebrated in schools once a month where the focus would only be on activities. 

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