Mumbai University Exam Department's roof collapses

The roof of Mumbai University's Exam Department collapsed on Thursday, causing panic amongst the students. However, no one was injured due to the incident

Mumbai University Exam Department's roof collapses

On January 17, Thursday, a part of the Mumbai University Exam Department's roof collapsed. This has left the students and teachers in a state of shock. They complained that despite repeated complaints about the dilapidated condition of the roof, the authorities paid no heed to them. 

On Thursday evening, a slab of the roof on third floor of the Exam Department fell down and the floor is believed to be a busy spot with students and teachers using the spot in Kalina Campus regularly. Luckily, none of the students or teachers suffered injuries.

After the incident, the passive behaviour of the authorities towards students' safety has once again been witnessed. Earlier, the students and teachers had presented the issue bfore the University administration but they only received fake assurances. Meanwhile, the University has built a new building for the Exam Department but it surprisingly isn't being used.

In the last one year, there have been various incidents due to structural issues and in two such incidents, students were left injured. A part of Ranade Bhavan at Kalina Campus had collapsed last year and had left three students injured. Alongside, a student was injured after Jagannath Shankarseth hostel's roof had collapsed.

Meanwhile, no injuries were reported at the Thursday incident but the belongings of several students were left damaged.