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Bucket List is Blah! Madhuri struggles to impress

The thought of Madhuri Dixit-Nene's debut Marathi film is interesting but Bollywood's leading lady struggles to deliver

Bucket List is Blah! Madhuri struggles to impress

Cast: Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Sumeet Raghavan, Sumedh Mudgalkar, Renuka Shahane and others.

Rating: 2.5/5

…after many visits, Madhura Sane gathers courage and rings the doorbell. Salil opens the door. Madhura asks if she can meet Sai’s parents. He fakes a reason, asking her to leave, but Sai’s mom attends the door. On knowing that she's the recipient of her daughter's heart, she welcomes Madhura to her house. The family shares their story and memories about the dear member who left them. A few days later, in the conversation with Sai’s friends, Madhura gets about her ‘bucket list’ which she planned to complete before her 21st birthday. With an intention to do something in return for the new life gifted by this blessed soul, Madhura decides to complete and fulfill all the tasks Sai wished to do, as per the bucket-list. 

If you're guessing this to the story of Tejas Deodhar directed Bucket List, then you're absolutely right. This is the prime plot of Madhuri Dixit Nene's debut Marathi film. To give y’all a brief intro, the film opens with a hospital scene where Madhura (Madhuri) undergoes a heart transplant. Her donor, a 20-year-old Sai Deshpande dies in a car crash. Her heart gives Madhuri a second chance in life, which she wants to live to her best by contributing and fulfilling Sai’s wishes. 

Bollywood's dancing diva and reigning queen of the 90s, Madhuri did not have a successful comeback in Bollywood, as her films Aaja Nachle and Dedh Ishqiya did not make a mark at the Box office. But with this film, the makers and the actress hope to strike a chord with the regional audience.   after 2 decades for this film. 

The film revolves around Madhura who plays an everyday woman working hard to keep her family happy by doing everything for them, and barely anything for her. A surgery gives her a new purpose to life, and she lives new experiences with her new friends and the extended 'Deshpande’ family. Talking about the review and experience, I personally feel the concept of bucket-list may be something the audience would love. For many, this will be a new term for a list of wishes they have, knowingly and unknowingly, listed in their minds. 

The set up of a modern, yet a family with traditions and ethics is also relatable. Many women would have lived moments showcased in the film by the ‘Sane’ family. But the lives portrayed by the Deshpande would be new to many. The makers have conveniently added happiness and a message, amidst the grief. There is a good balance of emotions and ethics in the story, but what I found missing was thorough entertainment.

Despite the stellar cast and a novel thought, the film lacks the fundamental need - Entertainment. While some emotional moments are well thought and executed, there are many or rather most of them related to the bucket list which lacks conviction. There are scenes where you would feel stupid as an audience, for the directors have tried to convince you with something which could have been showcased with sense. 

Except for Madhuri, every other actor in the film has been cast for apt roles, which they rightfully deliver. She looks very pretty throughout the film. However, despite the fame and experience, Madhuri struggles to deliver. I couldn't connect with her character in many scenes. However, the audience would be surprised with her as she (being a legend) debuts in this niche segment - a much-awaited moment for many.

I personally enjoyed watching Sumeet Raghavan (as Mohan Sane), Sumedh Mudgalkar (as Salil Deshpande) and Shubha Khote (as Panji). Their characters do not have any exceptional qualities, but the mere simplicity and emotions they offer are likable. 

Both the halves of the film struggle to keep you hooked. If you are one with urban thoughts, you might also cringe and roll your eyes in many scenes. Dialogues are cliche, and songs are mediocre. 

To sum it up, the film does not have a lot to offer, Besides a new thought, purpose or a term (for the 'not-so-urban’ audience). Alike mine, Bucket list might be on the list for many, mainly for one reason - Madhuri Dixit. It might interest and impress many (especially women). But sadly, my experience turned out to be nothing but Blah! 

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