Carry on Kesar: Heart-warming, emotional and pleasing

    Carry on Kesar: Heart-warming, emotional and pleasing
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    Cast: Supriya Pathak Kapur, Darshan Jariwala, Avani Modi, Ritesh Mobh

    Rating: 4/5

    It has taken some years for the audience to notice, appreciate and adapt to the transition of Gujarati cinema. The last decade has shown a tremendous increase in the production of films in Gujarati with a strong message and approach. Some movies, which released recently, have also received impressive public praise. Moreover, this improvement in Gujarati cinema has also paved the way for many experienced television actors to try their luck on the big screen.

    Amongst the much spoken about films in recent times is Carry on Kesar, which stars established actors Supriya Pathak Kapur and Darshan Jariwala, who portray the characters of Kesar and Shyamji. Others in the cast include Avani Modi who plays Annie and Ritesh Mobh who essays the role of Dr. Pratik.

    Shyamji and Kesar Patel are the central characters of the film. A traditional Gujarati couple who tried their best to become parents, but fate had something else for them. Unfortunately, they could never be one. Time takes over the pain and heals it, until Annie, a fashion designer based in Paris decides to visit India and learn artistic work from the national award winner Kesar. On knowing the truth about their plight, she encourages the elderly couple to believe in science and give it a chance. She meets Dr. Pratik and lets the couple consult him for the treatment. What follows is an interesting, hilarious yet highly emotional ride of how a couple’s long lost wish comes true.

    The film, as promised in the trailer, fills you with emotions of different kinds. Directed by Vipul Mehta, the film’s direction takes you on a journey from Paris to the land from where the iconic ‘patola’ gets its fame. In many scenes and sequences, the director has ensured that the pride of Gujarati textiles is showcased - be it bandhej, block-prints and leheriyu. Moments like these are bound to fill any Gujarati with pride. Visually appealing, this film takes you across small towns, where merely having soda in the evening is happiness and comfort.

    Mehta, throughout the duration of the film, strives to keep the audience glued to the advanced, yet, sensitive and emotional subject. Some household jokes, community references and other additions certainly add entertainment, thereby avoiding boredom to a larger extent.

    Although the concept is widely known, it has never been adapted on film. Through Carry on Kesar, Mehta and his team also sow a seed of hope for those who have been yearning for such priceless moments. Carry On Kesar is a thorough family entertainer where the experienced leads Supriya Pathak Kapur and Darshan Jariwala deliver their roles, par excellence.

    Shyamji’s love for Kesar will revive the feelings in you for your beloved. The way the couple shares an adorable chemistry, leaves one awestruck. A large part of the credits, according to me, goes to the dialogue writer. Beautifully penned dialogues on motherhood, life, experience, age, destiny etc. add a lot of value to the film, thereby raising the standard of the cinema. It would be unfair, if I do not advise you to carry tissues for some highly emotional scenes.

    Avani Modi as a young, open-minded fashion designer brings a lot to the film. She too deserves applause for delivering the emotions with ease. Cinematography and movie editing is just appropriate. Ritesh Mobh’s character of a doctor is decent enough. It could, however have done better.

    The high point in the film is well accompanied by the music composed by Bollywood’s popular duo Sachin-Jigar. Carry on Kesar has songs for all the moods – peppy, emotional, funny and romantic. The film’s most soul-stirring song Kaalja No Katko by Alka Yagnik is bound to make you emotional, for the music and the lyrics are highly relatable and strike the right chord.

    Carry on Kesar has minor flaws which can be ignored. Overall, the effort put by the makers to deliver the message is highly commendable; conveying the message that films with simple messages and power-packed elements can also spread magic and create an impact. I’d suggest you to add Carry on Kesar in your ‘must watch’ list.

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