Chetan Bhagat’s WhatsApp chat surfaces on Twitter; the author offers apology for trying to ‘woo’ the woman

Chetan Bhagat also issued an apology to his wife along with the woman in the Facebook post on his page.


In a wave of revelations, Indian women from various fields have come forward to finally speak about molestation and sexual harassment. Using the social media platform and micro-blogging site Twitter to voice their woes, several women have accused prominent men, including standups, Bollywood stars and media persons of outraging their modesty.

Recently, the WhatsApp chat screenshots of Indian author Chetan Bhagat have surfaced on Twitter which shows Bhagat insisting to ‘woo her’ because she is ‘sweet and cute and funny and a nice human being.’ The screenshots also display how the woman points out that the author is married and tries to discourage him in continuing the unwelcome attention. 

 In response, the ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’ author apologised for his mistake and confirmed that the screenshots were genuine. He also issued an apology to his wife along with the woman in the Facebook post on his page.


Bhagat in his post admitted that he felt a certain ‘connection’ to the woman and had met her a few time. However, the author had assumed that she too must have felt the same. He also clarified that he had ‘misread’ the ‘friendliness’ and as he was working on his book ‘One Indian Girl’ that time, the ‘wooing’ was a context to the book which talked about wooing and relationships. He signified that nothing lewd or physical was being highlighted in the screenshots also and so, there no such sort of exchange between them.

While it may not be sexual harassment but for a person like Chetan Bhagat who is both a married person and a celebrity, this is an immoral deed.

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