It was a great experience to work on a project like 'Imperfect': Samridhi Dewan

In a telephonic conversation with Mumbai Live, Samridhi Dewan spoke about the Zoom studios web series 'Imperfect' and her experience of working on the digital platform.

Imperfect girl Samridhi Dewan aka Isha Sanghvi

Zoom Studios third original Imperfect, the romantic comedy unfolds the journey of 27-year-old girl Isha Sanghvi (enacted by Samridhi Dewan), who in her relentless pursuit of perfection faces a whirlwind of uncertainties that life throws her way and rediscovers herself when her fairy tale world gets shattered as she suddenly loses her job & her prince charming.

In a telephonic conversation with Mumbai Live, Samridhi averred, “It was a great experience to work on a project like Imperfect. The most unique message that the series convey is that try to be conventional in life. It celebrates the openness and acceptance of a lot of things. It’s about a girl who is full of complexities.”

Isha Sanghvi aka Samridhi Dewan is not a typical conventional lead protagonist. She is a simple, naive young woman with her own quirks. Nothing in life can be perfectly planned and Isha reached rock bottom after losing both, her job and her prince charming. As her dreams crumble in front of her eyes, Isha sets on a journey to turn around her imperfect life. A 55-year-old sassy Life Coach, Simmy played by Sushmita Mukherjee, teaches Isha to love herself, to stand up for herself and to value herself. When her life falls apart, Isha realizes perfection is an overrated concept.

Samridhi who hails from a theatre background doesn’t find any difference between the stage and digital. She mentioned that content is the only difference rest all is the same irrespective of mediums.

When asked about her interest in taking up a television project she said, “Not really, I don’t want to do television because of its timeline. Long format shows are not for me, I can do finite series or episodic shows.”

Adding on she asserted that she wishes to try her hands on fantasy or action genre someday.

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