The Lockdown Diary: Gursimran Khamba

The Lockdown Diary: Gursimran Khamba

The ongoing coronavirus lockdown has been a different experience many of us. In an exclusive chat with Mumbai Live, Stand-up comedian and artist, Gursimran Khamba, talks about this phase and shares something personal.

Describe your 'lockdown' period in just 'one' word...

  •  Enlightening

What do you enjoy the most about this period - something you will cherish the most!

  •  I think it’s the memories I’m being able to make with family and friends. Because we’re all in this together it’s sort of acted like a refresh button to a lot of relationships.

What new hobbies have you started in this period?

  •  Not really just been trying to catch up with the old ones. My reading habit has improved dramatically though

Three films/web series/content pieces you've loved watching?

  • I’ve finally finished watching Mad Men. An awesome trashy reality show called Love is Blind and I’m playing Star Wars Fallen Order on my Playstation. It’s awesome.

What do you miss eating or drinking the most?

  •  This is going to sound ridiculous but a McDonald's burger. 

Three friends, you miss spending time with...

  • I’ve spent more time with my closest friends in quarantine than I manage to otherwise! 

What's the one skill you did not know you had?

  • Being able to be productive at work while the world around me collapses.

Three places you'll rush to, right after the lockdown is over...

  •  Delhi to spend time with my family in person. I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere else.

What is the most annoying thing you've observed during this period?

  • We knew this already but the number of people who believe absolutely garbage “news” delivered through Whatsapp is incredible. From clapping the virus away to fake statistics – sometimes it feels like we’re so idiotic maybe we deserve this  

What has the lockdown helped you change or realise - emotionally or mentally?

  • I feel like when this is all over – and it won’t be the way we imagine it to be – the fallout of this will be felt for years and years to come economically, culturally and otherwise. I just hope that we can manage to keep some level of empathy and understanding to continue helping each other through all of that. It will not be easy and that’s very sobering to think about.