Teeshay Shah delivers a powerful message with his debut short film 'Hiraeth'

Written and Directed by Teeshay, the short film explores the emotions and agony a refugee goes through in a different land.

Teeshay Shah delivers a powerful message with his debut short film 'Hiraeth'

The stories of the refugees from war trodden countries move you. There are many countries in the world, where even today, people live in fear related to war. All they wish to do is flee from the situation with a hope to be alive and mingle with the world outside.

Hiraeth, written and directed by Teeshay Shah, also showcases the story of one war refugee who moves to America from Iraq. This works marks his debut as a director, and he also showcases his talent as an actor and writer in the film. Teeshay in this short film attempts to take you to a world by talking about the emotional and many other issues immigrants and refugees face.

The story explores the problems over Hasan and Teeshay's conversations, which starts merely over a hello. Hasan played by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin shares his story of being the one who stood a chance to leave the country. He awaits his family's arrival and in a conversation with Ali (Teeshay) shares what his fellow citizens go through. 

What impressed me the most about this short film is the subject, which is so common across many countries today, but has the power to emotionally connect with every one of us. The reliability and the true sense derived from the incidents add value to the film. The title 'Hiraeth' also justifies the story with what it means - nostalgia (in Welsh). Teeshay's attempt at delivering an emotional message through such a subject comes across well, as one would connect with the agony of not only a refugee but also someone away from home, longing to be with their dear ones. What he also achieves here in the film is to compel you to understand what one feels when they are left with no choice but to wait with patience for destiny to bring them close to their own people.

Hiraeth has the quality that would resonate with many, with an emphasis on the emotions that come along with hardships. Not only Teeshay but here the entire team deserves an appreciation for attempting a topic, thereby becoming a cinematic voice of many people globally.

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