Karan not an Unsuitable Boy-SRK

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    Karan not an Unsuitable Boy-SRK
    Karan not an Unsuitable Boy-SRK
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    Mumbai- On the eve of the launch of his close friend Karan Johar's autobiography, the King Khan said that Karan is certainly not an unsuitable boy.

    He added that Karan is a very sensitive human being and his autobiography should have been titled " A Sensitive Boy" instead. SRK add that the title of the book could have been anything else, 'A Good Boy', 'An Intelligent Boy', 'A Sensitive Boy', 'A Brave Boy', or perhaps 'The Most Beautiful Boy'.
    Shahrukh said that Karan is a very good human being, and understands people very well. He added that the only thing that Karan needs to work on was his GK. In the end Shahrukh felt pleased by the fact that he had truly made it in Bollywood, because SRK and his family has an entire chapter in Karan's autobiogrpahy.

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