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KD Movie Review: KD and Kutty fill one's heart with various emotions

Rating: 4.5/5 | Cast: Mu Ramasamy, Naga Vishal, Yog Japee and others

KD Movie Review: KD and Kutty fill one's heart with various emotions

Ever since we are born, all we seek is acceptance. The fear of not being loved, respected and accepted is always there, deep down within us. But again, to live without that fear, thereby making sure we fulfill everything we want to do in the life, without worries and only happiness, should be sole aim of our lives. Madhumita's recent film 'KD' somewhere tells us this through a lot of emotions and a wonderful story!

The film begins with Karuppudurai's narration. He is an old man, somewhere in his 70s, and in a state of coma for months. His children aren't able to take care of him anymore and they don't want to either. There is no will to let the father live and hence they mutually decide on conducting a ceremony (similar to euthanasia) where eventually his body would give up. But amid the discussion, Karuppudurai gains consciousness and hears their conversation. Disturbed old man now leaves without informing leaving everyone worried. He wanders without a clue and lands up near Sengottai, where he meets the young boy, Kutty. The high energetic lad is an orphan, who lives in a temple and helps the priest with his everyday needs.

From the very minute of meeting each other, they both get along, so much so that they start spending time with each other. Kutty even shortens Karuppudurai's name to KD, starts living with him, ensures he makes note of KDs love for Biriyani and other points in the bucket list. The film revolves around how they meet, share love for each other, make memories, emote, and feel the need to be together.

The beauty of Madhumita's screenplay is the writing, where she and her team are quite clear with the message. Despite dealing with characters of two different age groups, they have managed to ensure that the both are longing for love. The missing link in their lives is something , they fill with each other's presence and happiness. While Kutty is a child, KD is no different. They both have needs and catering to them is their prime motive - precisely what becomes their source of happiness. This stands true for Kutty as he ensures that KDs demands as per the bucketlist are fulfilled, and in order to spend those happy moments, he goes leaps and bounds to make it happen. On the other hand, KD unknowingly becomes a guardian for Kutty, so much so that they start living an unsaid and untermed familial-like relationship. Their chemistry is adorable and they acts constantly leave a smile on your face. There are times where one's heart feels the happiness as though you are a part of their lives too.

Amid this joyous story, the makers have ensured that the monotony is broken, and that's where the serious aspects of a relationship comes through. Story revolving around KDs family, the old ritual in the village, family issues related to an old father, the property and a lot more, is well weaved in the screenplay.  The narrative seamlessly oscillates between the happy and the tense moments of KDs life. On the other hand, Madhumita and her team have also ensured that issues revolving around Kutty's life and his upbringing are also addressed. Hence important issues like need for a family, education, way of life for a child etc., are addressed well, leaving a clear thought for the audience.

The writing (dialogues) has been given due thought and deserves appreciation. The film is well balanced with emotional moments. While the first half begins on a heavy note, the mood get lighter with Kutty's introduction. The second half of the film however have fantastic dialogues. There are moments where you feel for both of them - especially when the two discuss their own situations of being abandoned, only to comfort and take load, worries off each other's shoulders. Despite the difference in their age groups, the writers have carefully chosen words and lines which, in reality, can be used by 'mature' people devoid of their age.

All the other aspects of the film do justice to the story. The casting is on point, locations are picturised well, songs are well incorporated and editing is just as needed.

To sum it up, Madhumita's vision to share a message thereby connecting emotionally with the audience comes across thoroughly in this project. KD aka Karuppudurai is more like embarking on a journey only two observe the lives of two beautiful souls who have no other intention but to keep each other happy and entertained. This film, as expected, fills your heart with various emotions.

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