Mayor is a Anil Kapoor fan!

Mayor is a Anil Kapoor fan!

Mumbai – There is a secret behind French cut beard of newly elected Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar. You might have seen the movies ‘Rishtey’ and ‘Race-2’ in which Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has kept French style beard. The new mayor has followed his style as ‘Mr. India’ star is his favourite hero. He sometimes brings forth an actor in him by staging mimicry of Anil Kapoor. 

This is now a revealed secret to Mumbaikars which was known only by Mahadeshwar’s students in his college.

Sena corporator from Santa Cruz, Prof Vishwanath Mahadeshwar became the first citizen of this mega city recently. He is in the news from the time his candidature was declared for Mayor’s post. Now, an actor in him is also getting recognised. 

Mahadeshwar is a die hard fan of Anil Kapoor. After filing his nomination papers for mayoral election, Mahadeshwar talked to his students who then urged him to stage the mimicry of his favourite actor. At first, Mahadeshwar refused to do so as journalists were present there. Under pressure of demand from students, Mahadeshwar finally did what his students were asking for.

When asked to comment on his French-style beard, the new mayor avoided the question by flashing a gentle smile on his face.

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