Plant more trees for a better live, say TV celebs

    Plant more trees for a better live, say TV celebs
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    We set goals for our future prosperity, then why not for our mother earth? As a child, we learnt that deforestation was wrong. We always were told to plant trees so as to live, but in the era of urbanization and development, are we really giving importance to the life that is letting us live?

    Celebrities take a stand against cutting trees and share their views on Earth day. Here are some messages:

    Sumit Verma: It is high time we stop cutting tress and grow more plants, and reason is but obvious. There should be a law that for every tree cut on the name of development, there should be law to plant two. We are planning for a green and a better life, but we are not acting accordingly. If we increase the energy consumption, we should also be able to produce more. So stop cutting trees and think of better alternatives, if needed.

    Ssumier Pasricha: Cutting trees is not a solution for a better environment. We need to save trees and reduce paper consumption. That is the need of the hour. Today, in the digital world it is important that we go paperless for most of our work. We won't be able to bring a change by promoting green carpets and such concepts. We need to act soon. 

    Alokk Narula: Cutting of trees is one of the major steps that need to be taken to notice at the earliest. As the trees are becoming less, global warming is increasing, water/sea levels are drastically decreasing and climatic conditions are being affected severely everywhere. The changes are being witnessed in the north very evidently and its not a threat to the entire planet, not any one country or continent.

    Adaa Khan: Plant trees everywhere and put garbage at the right place. In metro cities pollution has become a big issue and this is affecting our planet earth and must be addressed by everyone.

    Abhishek Bajaj: I think the environment should be put in the category of national security as we are facing a lot of problems. Global warming is increasing day by day we should plant more trees to make our world greener. I no longer see parks and gardens any more as before and as there are very few left, we should encourage planting more plants.

    Preetika Rao had a different observation about the environment, which is quite interesting. She raised a valid point about using trees for advertisement, rather beautification or the right purpose.. She said, "Right now it's appaling to see how the trees in my city have fallen targets to illegal advertising. 90 percent of the trees in my city have an illegal advertisment on a paperposter pinned on to it. I pulled out a poster from a tree few days back only to realise that these posters have been pinned to the trees by literally hammering nails into the tree while some trees had posters stapled onto them by something that appears like a king sized stapler so that the posters don't fly off."

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