'The Sachin anthem' is a formidable combination of Rahman-Sukhwinder, says Sachin.

'The Sachin anthem' is a formidable combination of Rahman-Sukhwinder, says Sachin.

When asked about the song created by Rahman and sung by Sukhwinder Sachin shares, "It brings back all the memories. The practicing in the rain shot, in those days we did not have indoor net facilities, one had to prepare themselves before they played any series. That was the only option, I had to find my ways to stay in touch. I would call all my friends and we would practice in the rain. The beauty was nothing could stop us from playing, even the heaviest of rains. I would intentionally be wearing helmets and leg guards, my whole kit because it was all about the film.

Memories I have been able to relive, it's overwhelming, when you look back at your life and you realize years passed by so quickly, so many things happened. When you are in the middle of the action, you just want to look forward, the next goal, the next action, next match, you keep forgetting about the past. That's the mantra, let rest of the world talk about the last match, we think about the next match. The Rahman-Sukhwinder duo is a formidable combination. It's a solid combination. I never thought 'Sachin Sachin' would continue beyond my playing days, it's now gone in theaters."

The “Sachin..., Sachin...” anthem is the second song released after “Hind Mere Jind”. The music of the film is being released by Junglee Music, a division of Times Music. It is expected that the “Sachin..., Sachin...” anthem will create the same buzz as “Hind Mere Jind” with fans appreciating the beautiful lyrics and music.

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