Vidya Balan starrer Tumhari Sulu could land in trouble with FDA notice

The movie promoted pharma company 'Torque's' cough syrup without any advisory


Bollywood’s recent super hit Vidya Balan starrer Tumhari Sulu may land in a trouble, apparently, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is expected to send a notice to the producer for promoting a cough syrup which was part of the movie promotion. 

FDA states that neither the producer nor the pharmaceutical company Torque had added an advisory before promoting the syrup. 

As per the FDA act, self-medication is wrong and harmful and the same was shown in the advertisement where we can see Vidya Balan consuming the cough syrup. We recieved a complaint from doctors who stated that self medication was shown in the advertisement. Along with this, they have nowhere shown the disclaimer that the medicine should be consumed with doctors prescription. Acting on the complaint, we have sent notices to Vidya Balan and others. We have also asked officials to pull down the advertisement.” 

FDA commissioner Pallavi Darade.

A copy of the notice will be sent to actress Vidya Balan for advertising the syrup through print and television.

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