When Shah Rukh Khan lost his cool...


Bollywood’s 'King Khan' Shah Rukh is known for his jolly attitude. He usually keeps his cool when someone cracks jokes on him. But this time he lost his cool when a prank was pulled on him. The 51-year-old actor was invited to an Arabic talk show (MBC’s Ramez Underground). Celebs are invited and then a prank is played on them. The same was did with King Khan.

Shahrukh Khan wraps up the interview along with the TV presenter and on his way back, his vehicle gets stuck in quicksand. While SRK tries keeping his cool, out of nowhere a giant lizard comes (this is Ramez wearing a costume) and tries scaring him. The latter tries to calm the screaming and scared TV presenter by throwing the sand towards the lizard.

In the other video, King Khan comes out of the quicksand and starts dragging the host by the leg.

But, the third video shows Shahrukh Khan smiling with the host Ramez Galal.

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