As Monsoons Arrive, BMC Deploys Drones to Disinfect Mosquito Hotspots in Mumbai

As Monsoons Arrive, BMC Deploys Drones to Disinfect Mosquito Hotspots in Mumbai

Given that monsoons are just upon Mumbai, the state and the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is taking active measures to curb the spread of vector-borne diseases like malaria that are spread via mosquitoes. 

After conducting aerial drone surveys of areas that are expected to be impacted, early this week, the BMC started sending drones to these suspected mosquito breeding sites for disinfection. Using drones will help the authorities reach the corners of the city that are not humanly accessible. 

State Tourism and Environment Minister, Aaditya Thackeray gave out the information via Twitter on Monday.

Last week, the BMC conducted a thorough cleanup of the city in places where mosquitoes harbour in abundance. This included the removal of more than 500 tyres along with nearly 1.26-lakh small and big items that were stocked up in the city.

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It was said at the time that Byculla was the worst affected mosquito breeding site with over 16,000 items recovered from the area. Naturally, there are limitations to disinfections done by humans, which is why this new wave of drone disinfection of mosquito hotspots makes a great deal of sense.

Even with the BMC and the State Government putting preparedness measures in place, there’s no room for complacency among Mumbaikars. The residents have a personal responsibility to keep their surroundings clean and remove items that can be conducive for mosquitoes. 

In a time when the city is showing some signs of recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic, mosquito-borne diseases could have a significant impact on the city’s overburdened healthcare infrastructure.  

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