Ahead of monsoon, BMC conducts a drive to clear mosquito breeding grounds

This year, BMC's pesticides Department has removed more than one lakh small and big items which help spread mosquitoes. The decision was taken to ensure safety of Mumbaikars during the rains.

Ahead of monsoon, BMC conducts a drive to clear mosquito breeding grounds

Over the last few months, the coronavirus outbreak in India has kept the nation on alert. With the most number of cases, the Maharashtra government has been under pressure to contain the spread of coronavirus. Mumbai is the most affected city due to the infection and the local Municipal Corporation has been working hard to ensure safety Of all the citizens.

While on one hand, the officials are working towards containing the virus, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has to now face another challenge due to the upcoming Mumbai monsoons.

Every year many people fall sick with a number of diseases which spread due to mosquitoes, and as a part of the protocol, BMC conducts an operation to destroy the places of origins, which allow mosquitoes to breed. The pesticides Department of the municipal corporation, this year too, has conducted the drive across several buildings, chawls, societies, slums and other areas, which serve as the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

As for recent reports, BMC officials have removed around 1.26 lakh big and small items from different wards of Mumbai. Further, 514 tyres were also removed, which would help prevent the spread of mosquitoes and avoid breeding.

Over the last few years, cases of malaria and other diseases caused by mosquitoes had raised concerns, and so te officials have removed small items like bottle lids, twigs, plant pots, teacups, paper cups, coconut shells, leaves, plastic, and other items which could help spread mosquitoes. The pesticides Department this year has removed more than a lakh such items since January 1 2020.

Further, it is also said that the highest number of mosquito breeding grounds were found in Byculla East with 16,350 five items. Besides this, 9,358 items were removed from Ward G-South, 8,032 items were removed from Ward M and 123 tyres were removed from what F-South.

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