Mumbai: Experts Caution Citizens Against The Blue Bottle Jellyfish

Owing to monsoon winds, the blue bottle jellyfish make their way onto the shore. Whilst they look mesmerizing, their sting can be harrowing.

Mumbai: Experts Caution Citizens Against The Blue Bottle Jellyfish

The blue bottle jellyfish is also known as the Portuguese man-of-war, may look pleasing to the eyes, but in reality, is venomous. These species have been spotted at Juhu Beach in Mumbai for the past few days.

A recurring phenomenon, these aquatic animals venture on the shore due to monsoon winds, state reports. This results in them being glued into the sand. Whilst some eventually make their way back into the sea, some succumb on the shore itself.

To ensure that citizens do not touch these species, and to propagate steps that need to be undertaken if stung, several placards have been placed through the beach. This has been done by the Mangrove Cell in collaboration with Marine Life of Mumbai.

People may experience agonizing pain if stung by these species. Individuals usually suffer from a sting if they step on or pick the animal up. However, it can prove to be more fateful if people are in the water.

Upon being stung, people suffer from a burning feeling, swelling and rashes. To address this, reports cite that one must pour seawater on it, without rubbing or washing the area with warm water. It is also recommended to visit the hospital.

According to reports, experts suppose that the rise in seawater temperature has propelled the species on the shore.  

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