BMC issues a notice to Rishi Kapoor

    Pali Hill
    BMC issues a notice to Rishi Kapoor
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    For Rishi Kapoor making news every other day is routine and now he’s making one for a different reason altogether. Turns out, he had slashed off more than the permitted number of branches of the banyan tree that stands in his Pali Hills Krishna Raj Bungalow.   Last week, BMC had permitted Rishi Kapoor to cut off just six branches of the tree since he was facing problems in construction at the plot. However, it was during the inspection that it was found that some additional branches have also been cut down. The officials told that the branches have not just been trimmed, but they have been completely slashed off.

    Hence, a notice has been issued to the actor in this regard. He has been permitted a time slot of 24 hours to clarify as to why he should not be penalised for cutting more than permitted number of branches of the tree.

    Rishi Kapoor, on the other hand, stated that he does not have any clue about the said permission since he had entrusted the job to some local contractor. He further added that he is of late staying at his bungalow which is located in Bandra. As a result, he does not go to the construction site at the Pali Hill regularly which is why he was not conversant with the entire situation.

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