Mumbai Bird Census: Two new birds recorded in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Currently, bird watching is on in Sanjay Gandhi National Park and will continue so for a long time

Mumbai Bird Census: Two new birds recorded in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
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The Bombay Natural Society has started a bird census in Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali and during this bird census, two birds namely White Cheeked Barbet and Indian black-lored tit  were seen in the National Park.

Bird watching is going on in Sanjay Gandhi National Park and it will continue for a long time. In this campaign, the birds seen in every season are recorded. During this campaign, two new birds were added to the record of birds in the park. Both these birds are migratory. The  Eurasian Siskin is a bird native to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan. The length of this bird found in tropical forests is 15 cm. The male has a yellow forehead, cheek spots and underparts, while the female is slightly smaller in size and has a green back. Yellow-bellied warblers live on broadleaf trees, and April is their breeding season.

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Meanwhile, a few years ago, yellow bilgul was being exported on a large scale. A large number of yellow bilguls were caught for that. The habitat of this bird is now found in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The white-cheeked copper bird is mainly found in the forests of the Western Ghats. Its head is brown, white in color. Their breeding season is from December to July. Their food is fruits, vegetables and insects.

The bird census undertaken by the Bombay Natural History Society is recording birds with the help of 50 volunteers. Bombay Natural History Society's Dr. Raju Kasambe and Dr. Asif Khan, Chief Conservator of Forests G. Mallikarjuna, Assistant Conservator of Forests Sudhir Sonawale are conducting this bird count.

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