Dombi-oily: Orange coloured 'oily' rainfall witnessed in Dombivali

The residents said that the strange rainfall has been caused due to the increasing pollution in Dombivali. Last year, something similar happened during Ganesh Chaturthi which had caused Ganpati idols to turn black

Dombi-oily: Orange coloured 'oily' rainfall witnessed in Dombivali

Air pollution has been a pressing issue globally and its effects have started showing. Owing to air pollution, Dombivali residents witnessed 'orange-coloured ' rainfall over the weekend. The residents later found out that the rainfall consisted of oil and therefore, the citizens have expressed their concerns over the strange phenomenon. 

The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) region in Dombivali has been infamous for air pollution caused by chemical factories nearby and as a result, people residing nearby have been facing severe health issues for many years. 

During Ganesh Chaturthi last year, the citizens had faced a similar problem but the showers were green at that time. Due to the chemical-infested rainfall, the residents had complained that the Ganpati idol at the Mandal had lost its colour and turned black. 

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Meanwhile, the residents stated that along with orange rain, a strange black-coloured layer had been formed on the utensils in their houses.

In response, a sample of the orange rain has been sent to the Pollution Control Board who will run tests to understand the nature and cause of the rainfall. On the other hand, the residents have complained of air pollution and have asked the authorities to take the necessary measures to curb pollution.