Human Library Mumbai's August Connect Swims To Success!

Human Library Mumbai's August Connect Swims To Success!

It was indeed a rainy Sunday in Amchi Mumbai as the rain gods were in a good mood. Most of us would be happy to enjoy the rain sitting back home with some hot coffee and Maggi, but Human Library Mumbai had other plans. Volume three of this beautiful concept was organised at Bombay Connect, BKC on Sunday and people chose the August Connect over coffee and Maggi at home.

Beating the traffic and swimming through to the location, human books and readers were there to make this event a success. The organising committee and volunteers on point with the basic motto this concept was initiated with; Break free from the social stigma and release yourself from the stereotypical shackles the society forces on you.

The August Connect had one new element where human books from multiple cities were available on a video conference who interacted with the readers. These human books are nothing less than our fantasy comic superheroes with one slight difference; These people are real and their life experience is real. 

A Navy Officer turned professional clown, a transgender fighting for basic rights, a lesbian traveler, a sexually abused homosexual were a few of the human books who had heart touching and enlightening stories to narrate and make this event what it truly is; liberating.

Everyone is dealing with problems or not being able to deal with them. Human Library helps them to listen to stories, understand them, share their stories and know that there are many people who have problems and together we can address the issues and solve them,” Sangeeta, a human book.

Every reader had only positive words to say about the event and we’re sure people will come back for the next one.

The only problem with Human Library is that it happens once a month. We need more progressive events like these in our country,” Suren, a reader.

So, Human Library Mumbai: August Connect, was indeed a successful event and the concept keeps growing with time and people are genuinely supporting it. We look forward to the next event, till then, spread love and joy, Mumbai! 

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