Project Network India launches 'The Hospitality Club'


Networking is the most important fragment in any entrepreneur’s life and in this fast paced world, it’s difficult to spare time for a fellow entrepreneur who could have an organic idea for your venture which changes everything. But networking is not always easy on the social media front. Here comes in ‘Project Network India’.

What is Project Network India

Project Network India is a networking platform for the entrepreneurs of our country to network and multiply the business and the reach. The aim is to create various networking groups where every group will have one member as the sole representative from the industry that they are from. Multiple industries get to network in this way ensuring more marketing and multiplied business.

On July 26, Project Network India launched the ‘Hospitality Club’ which provides a platform for people from the hospitality sector to come together and expand their network. This event took place at Burn-Kitchen and Malt Room, BKC.

We started on 26th of March with our first event where we had got more than 60 to 70 companies which participated,” Varun Kale, Co-founder, Project Network India.

The event was filled with people with ambitious spark in their eyes and eager to spread their network. With interactive sessions and a bit of fun, ‘The Hospitality Club’ event was surely a success story.

Like we've started the hospitality group, we intend to grow in the future and start industry specific groups,” Trinath Siram, Co-founder, Project Network India.

Right from bloggers to established entrepreneurs, this event was the perfect platform for Mumbai’s hospitality minds to interact and develop.

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