A humanitarian, a philanthropist, an inspiration to millions, meet fashionista Saloni Kapoor

A humanitarian, a philanthropist, an inspiration to millions, meet fashionista Saloni Kapoor

Saloni Kapoor a  Delhi diva completed her education from Amity University ( International business). She travelled across continents like South America, Australia for her academic career. Far did she know that the fashionista was meant to be a profound name in the fashion and glamour industry.

Saloni post persuading her career, her instinct got her to become a part of social media influencing world in which she created wonders with her outstanding content. Her videos and photos are tremendously impressive and trending across the nation. Having high social media followers Saloni never let down her fans and always kept inspiring them.

Her confidence and persona lead her towards the fashion industry and got her a number of modelling projects too. Saloni has walked the ramp for ace fashion designers of the country such as Sadan Pandey, Ritu Kumar and many more. She has been a part of the Indian Couture fashion week as well. She also was a contestant of a reality show Big switch 4. Saloni has also been a part of a number of Punjabi hits like Jatt di Heer, Do Lafzon Ki hai Dil ki Kahani, and will be soon coming up with a few releases with Indeep Bakshi.

Saloni believes in following a strict and healthy lifestyle. She never compromises with her diet and fitness routine. Always eating healthy and working out to keep her body fit and going.  When asked about her views on holistic fitness she says "Essence of the body and purification of the soul is also prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. In the chaos of life and pursuit of luxury, we have forgotten ourself, there’s a void within us, which we overlook or pretend as of it never existed. 

Fitness entails everything -body, mind and soul."

Saloni has provided tremendous contribution in supporting women and inspiring them to achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams. She always helps her fan fam to upgrade their fashion and fitness game giving them the latest fashion and skincare tips to not only achieve flawless skin but also flawless body.

It would surprise her fans that Saloni Kapoor faced a rare skin condition leukoderma which took a toll on her mental health as the diva faced issues in her day to day life. Never giving up she bounced back took proper medical treatment for the same and came out of it victorious, thus inspiring people to have a healthy glowing skin.

Being a humanitarian and a philanthropist Saloni has contributed greatly in social welfare on which she stated "I believe that good deeds are not good if you mention them specifically, I’ve done my bit in feeding stray dogs and poverty-stricken children. I also want to contribute to the educational welfare for underprivileged children."