It's time to revive local industries that were taken for granted: Mohit Falod

Fashion designer Mohit Falod is known for his silhouettes, chic-cuts and boisterous colours, and through his brand, he has fairly utilised his time in this lockdown period and has kept himself busy in creating the next line.

It's time to revive local industries that were taken for granted: Mohit Falod

From a big-fat Indian wedding to a wedding with limited guests and others watching it over a zoom video call, the fate of the weddings in India has completely changed in 2020. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in everyone's lives, venue grandeurs, caterers delights, themed decorations and grand outfits have all faced the brunt of it. However, the wedding fashion is definitely adding to some altruistic work, keeping in mind the safety measures as per the need of the hour.

Jaipur-based designer Mohit Falod, who is known for his sensuous silhouettes, chic-cuts and boisterous colours through his outlet 'Daamann' has fairly utilised his time in this lockdown period and has kept himself busy in creating the next line. 

Talking about coping in the current pandemic with the kind of impact it has had on the profession, Mohit said, "Being positive has been the key to remain strong in this pandemic, we have developed and ideated new concepts and shoots in this lockdown. We are using this crisis into an advantage for creating our collection and are also preparing for a fashion show with our new collection. As far as the wedding expenses are concerned people have started spending right amounts on getting their outfits right which otherwise they used to spend on hospitality, decor and food. The buying capacity has increased for each of the customers. People are spending well enough to make sure their wedding outfits are up to the mark, which is, in fact, good business for us. Along with the wedding outfits, we also have started designing cotton as well as raw silk fabrics for masks. We are using pearls, onyx, german beads on these masks and are getting ample orders for the same. Masks have made their way into bridal fashion, and they will stay, at least for the next few months."

Sharing his thought on Government's initiative 'Vocal for local,' he added, "This is a very good sign for small scale business in our country as the Covid-19 crisis has taught India the importance of local manufacturing and supply chains. Now is the time that we trust our talented resources, artists and entrepreneurs in our very own country. This is the time we motivate and encourage ourselves in the national as well as the international market. I believe this will give a chance to a lot of artists in our own country. PM Narendra Modi’s push for self-reliance was welcomed unanimously. Now is the time to revive those local industries that were taken for granted. I am also making sure that I don't source my fabrics or materials from any other countries going forward."

Concluding this chat by talking about his new collection post lockdown, Mohit said, "I am going to remodel and reshape part of my business segment. I have worked on many new collections for winter weddings. The collection is going to be very different and unique keeping in mind the social scenario. The colours are going to be vibrant yet classy and also for the first time I will be using Jaipuri sheet block print and printed lehengas for the brides. I have also experimented with pastel colours this season. I am sure this will be unique and catch many eyeballs for 2020 winter weddings."