Adulteration alert on Diwali!

    Pali Hill
    Adulteration alert on Diwali!
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    Mumbai - The preparation of sweets and savouries for Diwali commenced a week ago, but are you sure the ingredients you are using to make those sweets are as pure and fresh as advertised? The FDA recently seized 44 litres of adulterated ghee, 700 kgs of edible oil and mava worth Rs 43,000. Samples of the various ingredients confiscated have been sent for testing - this includes more than 100 samples of mava, khoya, 8 samples of semolina (rava), maida and gram flour (besan).

    Here's what the FDA says you should watch out for -

    - Check the quality of the ingredients
    - Avoid using if ingredients give out a foul smell
    - Don't buy or eat open or uncovered sweets
    - Eat Bengali sweets within a span of 10 hours
    - Contact the FDA to report any case of suspected adulteration.

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